Hey CMMA champions,

We hope everyone is finding ways to stay active and not get overly stir crazy.

We have been shooting tons of video, our online classes have been growing and as promised we are introducing the “CMMA 30 Day Fight Camp Challenge.” (VIDEO HERE)

We know it’s hard to stay motivated by ourselves.

We have developed a “challenge” program that you can do alongside the instructors, fighters or other students from the academy. 

Here is how it works:

  • The idea of this 30-day challenge is to get you moving and training JUST LIKE A FIGHTER does for their fight camp.
  • You will have to select a weight class.
  • You will have to post a video of you accepting the #CMMAFIGHTCAMP challenge.
  • You’ll be asked to send us a photo. (The BEFORE-camp photo -This can be on Instagram or Facebook; Make sure to tag us.)
  • You will have to send us a photo. (The AFTER-camp photo – This can be on Instagram or Facebook; Make sure to tag us.)
  • Post daily exercise and your food logs. (minimum 3 days a week)
  • Must have up to 12 minimum logs posted. (Exercise routine + food log)
  • Attend our online classes (FREE).

The Details:

Camp begins April 1 (No, this is not an April fool’s joke)

Camp ends: April 30

Who’s Eligible?

All current CMMA students. This means kids AND adults.

Select Your Weight Class:

All weight classes will be given a 1-pound allowance. Example; If your weight is bantamweight (126lb-135lb) you will have a 1 lb allowance, that will allow you to weigh in at max. of 136 lbs.

*We suggest you select a weight class that allows you to commit to the challenge. If you currently weight 191 pounds, we recommend selecting Middleweight (185 pounds).  This will force you to be a bit more mindful of your exercise and what you choose to eat before the official weigh-ins on April 30th.

Weight Classes

  • Strawweight: 115 lbs. and below
  • Flyweight: 116-125 lbs.
  • Bantamweight: 126-135 lbs.
  • Featherweight: 136-145 lbs.
  • Lightweight: 146-155 lbs.
  • Welterweight: 156-170 lbs.
  • Middleweight: 171-185 lbs.
  • Light Heavyweight: 186-205 lbs.
  • Heavyweight: 206-265 lbs.
  • Super Heavyweight: 266-300 lbs.


  • Must be a current CMMA member to receive the awards
  • Post on social media daily food log at the end of the day (3x per week minimum). Example: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks
  • Post a daily photo or video of your exercise with #cmmafightcamp (3x per week minimum)
  • Attend classes online on CMMA’s Instagram, YouTube or Zoom private lessons.

Outline of fight camp day:

7:00am – Wake up!
–   Drink. Water

8:00am – Exercise #1
–   25 pushups, 25 squats, 25 mountain climbers
–   Repeat 4x
–   Drink water

12:00pm – Lunch
–   Green salad with chicken, veggies, avocado
–   Drink water w/ lemon

6:00pm – Workout of the day
–   Do the CMMA workout of the day or online class

8:00pm – Dinner
–   Chicken, small green salad, sweat potatoes
–   Desert: bowl of fruit or yoghurt
–   Drink Water with lemon

9:00pm – Post
–   Post your day on Instagram and or Facebook with #cmmafightcamp and tag @cmmafitness

*This outline is based on an intermittent fasting diet. 
The first meal is at 12pm and the last meal is at 8:00pm. 
During the non “eating” hours, liquids are acceptable. (Water, coffee, etc.). 
We also recommend you TRY YOUR BEST to stay away from the sugar drinks as much as you can.

What are the incentives?

Just like a fighter, we need incentives to keep us motivated. 

We have put together some prizes that we hope you all can get excited about and enjoy along with the abs you’ll be showing off this summer! 

Here are the “FIGHT PURSES”:

All active CMMA participants who COMPLETE the 30-day challenge will receive:

·  $50 CMMA adult program credit (This can be used in the store, applied to membership dues or for 1 on 1 private lessons) plus 1 private lesson.

·  $50 CMMA kids program credit (This can be used in the store, applied to membership dues or for 1 on 1 private lessons). plus 1 private lesson.

·  A CMMA FIGHT CAMP signed certificate of completion.

Additional Prizes:

Weight challenge – Most weight loss in 30 days

•1st place – $150 CMMA credit + 5 private lessons ($550 value)
•2nd place- $100 CMMA credit + 3 private lessons ($340 value)

Most posts – Most posts in 30 days

•1st place – $150 CMMA credit + 5 private lessons ($550 value)
•2nd place – $100 CMMA credit + 3 private lessons ($340 value)

Remember, if you can have questions do not hesitate to ask. 

We want this to be a fun experience for everyone. 

If you have classmates whom you’d like to challenge, we say CHALLENGE THEM! 

Tag them and compete to see who can be the most active! 

Also, we hope it will help you motivate each other, make the changes needed to get healthy and most of all, see who’ll win THE CMMA FIGHT CAMP CHALLENGE!

Looking forward to seeing you at the finish line.

Instagram – @cmmafitness
Youtube – @cmmafitness
Facebook – @californiamixedmartialarts
Zoom – Download the app

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