Frequently Asked Questions

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Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jistu (Gi and Nogi), Wrestling and MMA

We focus on all of the main aspects of Mixed Martial Arts. Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jistu (Gi and Nogi), Wrestling and MMA

Our gym hours are only open during class times. Please check our class schedule for times. We closed on Sunday.

Our kids classes are from 6 years old to 12. For adults we welcome anyone that wants to add martial arts to their life. If you have any health issues, we ask that you get a doctors clearance before coming to train.

Yes, we have separate times for kids and adult classes.

All of our coaches are hand selected and have in ring experience.

The classes are mixed gender, but we also have a women’s only Jiu Jitsu class available!

No experience is needed to join. The only thing we require is a good attitude and a willingness to learn.

For your first class, we have you covered. Following that it all depends on which program you are enrolling in. 

Our morning classes range from 6-12 people and our evening classes can range from 20-30.

Absolutely. We also give every new enrollment a free private lesson!

All of our classes are ran as a Martial Arts class and not a fighting class. From the curriculum being taught to the structure. Our main priority is to create a culture that breeds not only a fun workout, but a safe atmosphere and training environment for everyone.

We have several different membership options available. These range from our single style classes that include unlimited access to either the Jiu Jitsu classes or Striking. Another option is to select our complete MMA program that includes everything on the schedule. Our Membership specialists can help you pick which one is best for you. All memberships also include access to our weight and conditioning area of the gym.

Easy. Give us a call or fill out one of the forms on the website and our staff will schedule you in for a free trial. If your ready to sign up, you can stop by the academy anytime.

Zero to Fight is the Mixed Martial Arts and self-defense certification exclusively from CMMA. This course is designed to take an individual from ZERO experience, to having the ability to defend themselves in each art of Mixed Martial Arts.

David Secaida

"California mixing martial arts - This is a fantastic Academy! I like how the instructors tie together martial arts with character development and strong morals for daily life. I have really appreciated the focus on skill, but even more so on character – good sportsmanship, kindness, respect, etc. The class is a very positive experience for my adults and children"

Delia Soriano

"My daughter wasn’t sure this was something for her, but once one of the couches talked to her she she gave it a try and is now excited to attend every day, she wasn’t interested in competition at all, that didn’t even cross her mind but and she became more comfortable one day she said “I want to train for competition” Her confidence has grown and her health is great. We love the way all of the couches work with every single child. We are very excited to see her do something she loves to do!"

Adil Mustafabekov

“I’ve been training with Chad George for about 11 to 12 years. He’s like a big brother to me even though we’re pretty close in age. He introduced me to the amazing world of MMA. Within that large spectrum he helped me become a boxer, Muay Thai fighter, wrestler and a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitor. Every competition and or fight, Chad is always alongside to coach you. A lot of the time he puts his personal life aside just to help his students succeed. It is really hard to find such caring individuals nowadays. Chad is extremely humble and always gives back. It’s truly evident in his success as an athlete but more as a gym owner and a friend.”

10 Years in Business BEING A CHAMPION

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