This past weekend, our academy’s Jiu Jitsu team took a significant leap back into the competitive arena, marking our first full team outing event since the pandemic. We are thrilled to announce that our team not only competed but also excelled incredibly at the Grappling X NoGi tournament, bringing home an array of medals and clinching the prestigious title of Team Champions!

Our Medal-Winning Performance

Champions Shine Bright
Our dedicated students showcased their hard work and commitment, achieving outstanding results:

  • 5 Gold Medals: These champions demonstrated unparalleled skill and tenacity, finishing at the top of their divisions.
  • 2 Silver Medals: Our silver medalists fought fiercely, showing resilience and determination throughout their matches.
  • 3 Bronze Medals: The athletes who earned bronze displayed commendable strength and technique, adding to our team’s success.

A Wrestling-Heavy Challenge

Grappling X presented a unique challenge with its wrestling-heavy format, which was a new experience for many of our newer competitors. Despite this, our team adapted excellently, leveraging their Jiu Jitsu training and strategic grappling to overcome their opponents. This adaptability and skill are testaments to the quality of training and dedication here at CMMA.

Celebrate Team CMMA’s Success

We are immensely proud of everyone’s hard work and willingness to put it all on the line. Each competitor’s effort helped us secure the first place as a team, proving that our collective spirit and determination pave the way for greatness.

Join Team CMMA

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