TEAM CMMA Places second at the SJJIF No Gi Jiu Jitsu World Championships.
California Mixed Martial Arts has been establishing itself as not only the premiere Mixed Martial Arts Academy in California but also as a top Jiu-Jitsu school. Last year CMMA made headline news when placing third at this same tournament. This was the first time a small school (without affiliate locations) to ever place within the top 3 at the World Championship event. Head Instructor Chad George believed 2018 would be at minimum a repeat successful feat. He was right.
The competitors took to the mats and the long day of grappling began. Match after match, the overall team scoreboards were filling up and it was clear the big name schools had the early advantage on medals. As the day went on, the momentum started to shift. Team CMMA started climbing. From 5th place, to 4th, 3rd and then even for a while in 1st.
During the last stretch of the event, the scoreboards adjusted as the blackbelts took the stage. This was expected as team CMMA is still a young school and only 4 years in.
As a conclusion of the event. 7 world championships were won from the CMMA team, 11 Silver Medalist and 8 bronze medalists. This was a new incredible feat by the small school in Gardena. We had beaten out some of the biggest schools and out performed last years competition by placing 2nd on the podium.
The most impressive part of the entire days event was not about the medals or the standings. It was how the students and team cheered each other on in support of one another. It was not about winning or loosing. It was about camaraderie and being in the event together.
Next year will come sooner than later. Team CMMA will be ready to shock the world again. This time on the top of the podium.

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