Team CMMA started the new year at a full sprint. As proof, this past weekend ended with 5 wins and 1 loss. Cody Davis, an MMA fighter, fought valiently but was unable to secure the win in his Muay Thai debut. It’s important to note that Cody wasted no time getting back to the gym, and is currently training for his comeback. Taylor Alfaro captured the Cali Cage Wars title belt in the bantam weight class via split decision. Jay Viola won an all out battle via decision as well. Devon Brock won by a TKO in the first round while David Acuna won by ground and pound with a second round TKO. Meanwhile, Dolton Duran captured the K1 title with a 57 second knockout in the very first round. If that wasn’t enough excitement, Jesse Merrit will accompany Ozzy Diaz in his upcoming Bellator debut. This last weekend set the pace and CMMA is quickly gaining momentum. Chad George recently announced he will introduce the much anticipated Zero to Fight Mixed Martial Arts Certification Program. Zero to Fight is the world’s first Mixed Martial Arts Self Defense Certification Program. On another note, we’d like to remind our members that January’s raffle prize is the CMMA Muay Thai shorts; please visit the front desk for more information. Lastly, please stay up to date with everything CMMA, to include upcoming fights and BJJ competitions, by checking out the CMMA lifestyle page on YouTube and our website. Don’t miss out!


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