Welcome to our highly acclaimed kickboxing class at California Mixed Martial Arts! Our program is renowned for its emphasis on martial technique, strategic training, and the incredible physical benefits it provides.

CMMA Kickboxing is not just another striking class; it’s a comprehensive training experience that equips students with the essential tools needed for the ring, even if your goal is not to compete professionally.

Our dedicated instructors will guide you through a curriculum designed to enhance your striking skills while emphasizing proper technique and strategy.

Be prepared to break a sweat and torch some serious calories as you engage in this dynamic kickboxing class.

Not only will you experience an intense cardiovascular workout, but you’ll also sculpt your body, becoming lean and mean in the process.

Regardless of your experience level, our kickboxing class caters to both beginners and advanced students alike. Our instructors are committed to ensuring that you learn and master the proper kickboxing techniques from the very beginning, setting a solid foundation for your progress.

During our classes, you can expect a well-rounded training regimen that includes a variety of essential components. You’ll engage in shadow-boxing exercises to enhance your form, footwork skills to improve agility and movement, pad work sessions to develop striking precision, and heavy bag training to cultivate power and endurance. In addition, various partner drills will be incorporated to sharpen your timing and reflexes, providing you with a well-rounded skill set.

Kickboxing has long been recognized as a go-to discipline for fighters around the world, as it enhances their overall effectiveness in the ring. At CMMA, we offer beginner-friendly classes that will set you on the right path, regardless of your previous experience.

Join us at California Mixed Martial Arts and unlock the true potential of your striking abilities through our comprehensive kickboxing program. Take the first step towards becoming a well-rounded martial artist and join our exciting classes today!




    “Whether you're looking to train mma to fight, learn self defense, or just get a good workout CMMA is the place to be. All of the coaches are amazing and you'll leave every class exhausted but will have gained some excellent skills. This place is like a second home for me. I've been coming to CMMA for over a year and everyone here is super supportive. As a beginner in jiu-jitsu the coaches and my teammates were all patient and were more than happy to explain concepts and moves until I got it right. Chad, the owner, has created a positive environment for everyone from beginners to professionals to learn how to fight.”

    Chris Hemsworth

    Chris Built a ‘James Bond’ Body 10 Years After Shattering His Spine.

    • Age41
    • Before50kg
    • After78kg
    • Timeframe7 Months

    Rose McGowan

    Rose shed an incredible 28kg(62 LBS) and dropped five dress sizes.

    • Age37
    • Before83kg
    • After44kg
    • Timeframe4 Months

    Paul Mccartney

    Paul Mccartney Lost 45kg(99LBS) and Felt Every Aspect of His Life.

    • Age37
    • Before92kg
    • After74kg
    • Timeframe3 Months

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    • In-home Personal Training
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    • In-home Personal Training
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    • In-home Personal Training
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    • In-home Personal Training

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    Owner / Personal Trainer

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