Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a revolutionary martial art that has changed the landscape of combat sport. The impact that Jiu Jitsu has had on the world as a martial art and in the realm of combat sports is indescribable. But, let’s take a look at in scope of an individual, why should you or anyone for that matter start training in Jiu Jitsu? To be able to explain why, I believe that we should look at it from a mental point of view.

“At the end a training session, it doesn’t matter how many times you tapped out, said I quit and let’s go again. No one’s going to judge you for it, it’s okay.” – Chad George

Tapping is okay

In Jiu-Jitsu there is a lot of trial and error, that is the majority of that will happen during your beginning stages of your Jiu Jitsu journey. Even at the black belt level it is mostly trial and error. That being said people are scared of failure, with failure there is embarrassment. The feeling of being judged because you tapped also arises. But no one gets judged when someone taps, tapping out is part of the learning process. Now that you tapped because you got caught in a Triangle or an Arm-bar, you have a new way to approach the next roll. This is how one gets better at Jiu Jitsu. Despite being a Martial Artist, there is no repercussions for tapping out. It’s not like other Martial Arts where you’ll get scolded or punished for messing up a step during a group Kata. It is okay to tap and try again. Sure, more than likely there will be higher belts in your class. Just remember that they started off not knowing a thing just like you. But now they are training with you and helping you grow as you go through your Jiu Jitsu journey.

“Moving from white belt to black, or even getting a stripe on your belt is a sign of significant growth. Learning … we have endless desire to learn, learning allows growth. Jiu Jitsu teaches us that we can keep growing” – Chad George

Turning Failure into Growth

The passing of knowledge is an incredible thing and receiving it is pretty great to, especially when you can apply it. For example, let’s say your instructor teaches you the triangle and during sparring you try it and you don’t quite get it maybe the leg placement was off. The next time you try again you don’t get it but each time you try it you get closer and closer until you finally get it. The moment you get the move it is such a rewarding moment, not necessarily because you tapped your partner but because after weeks you finally did it. After weeks of failed attempts, you have something that you learned and successfully applied. It is if the growth happens unknowingly at least in my case. You try and try and boom you get the move and it’s like, “wow I did that, and it is like I almost didn’t think about it I just did it”. It isn’t an accident either because you practiced the move during sparring and class. The move just becomes a part of your memory and now it is something that you have in your arsenal. That level of growth is gratifying, in this moment you know that you learned something and now let’s improve it. This is what makes Jiu Jitsu so wonderful and necessary the learning and improving never stops. These are the lessons that we can apply to our everyday life.

written by Erik Reyes

One thought on “Why Jiu-Jitsu is Important for Life”

  1. Beautifully said. Jiu jitsu really does changed the minds perspective for a lot of things. I just hope the world gets to understand it at the same level as us who train it. The world would be a much more peaceful and happy place to be. Maybe the world won’t get to agree but if you practice it, you know there is another world inside the Jiu jitsu community and thats all we need to grow. Great article.

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